THz photonics lab

· THz Quantum Cascade Laser characterization setup;

· Two mid-far IR Fast Fourier transformer spectrometer (FTIR);

· Closed-cycle Cryostat (10 K) with optical access;

· He-flux Cryostat (4 K) with optical access;

· Liquid He & N2 cooled bolometers

· Ultrafast laser system in the Mid-Infrared spectrum (100 fs, 2-18 microns);

· He-flux Cryostat (4K) with optical access;

· Under vacuum high resolution Fast Fourier transform spectrometer (FTIR);

· Toptica THz source

· Stirling cryocoolers

· Nano-detectors characterization setup

· Quantum dot devices characterization setup

· THz Pump and probe reflectivity set-up


Near field microscopy and Time domain spectroscopy


· Scattering near field optical microscope (s-SNOM) in the mid-IR

· Detectorless s-SNOM in the Terahertz

· Terahertz Time domain spectroscopy (TDS)

· TDS s-SNOM set-up