The Group

The THz photonics group of Prof. Vitiello, located at the NEST Laboratory (National Enterprise for nanoScience and nanoTechnology) Pisa, Italy, focuses on the design, development and applications of THz quantum cascade lasers; the development of THz nanostructured detectors based on semiconductor nanowires, 2D materials and vdW heterosctructures; far-infrared metrology; graphene-based photonics; near-field THz microscopy.

The group targets new concepts and interdisciplinary approaches to unlock the scientific and technological potential of the terahertz spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation. Our activities encompass design and development of: QCL micro-resonators, intersubband polariton devices, nanoscale photodetectors, photonic and plasmonic devices based on 2D materials, scattering near field optical microscopy and near field optics.

Pushing forward the understanding of main physical dynamics of complex THz electronic and photonic systems, our research activities aim to prospect new directions and impacts on both fundamental and applied science.

                                             Group photo at the inner courtyard of the NEST Laboratory (2019)