BALZAN Research Project

Optoelectronics and nano-photonics in two-dimensional nanomaterial heterostructures

The project, led by Dr. Vitiello in cooperation with Federico Capasso at Harvard University aims to explore novel electronic, optoelectronic, and plasmonic phenomena in the 2D vdW heterostructures, seeking device applications based on these nanoscale quantum structures.

Specific objectives are: i) electrically controlled optical phase modulation of a far-infrared light beam with graphene/hBN heterojunctions; ii) local investigation of the electronic and plasmonic properties of heterojunctions based on different 2D nanomaterials, using novel scanning probe techniques; iii) employing surface polaritons in active nanophotonic devices to develop broadband polariton switching schemes.

Research will target radically new concepts and approaches to develop a novel optoelectronic technology based on 2D nanomaterials. All activities are driven by interdisciplinary methods and groundbreaking views, intersecting opto- and nano- electronics, photonics, material science and quantum engineering.