Bando FAR-FAS 2014 Regione Toscana – SCIADRO


Solutions for drone swarms

The drones were introduced for military applications, but they are actually sweeping the field of the civil applications. In these ones, the unmanned vehicles, or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft systems), are preferably used to aerial shots, to context analysis, to photogrammetry and agriculture.

Nevertheless, there is little or nothing about the security and the environmental and territory protection, using sensors for the detection of gases, heavy metals and bacterial counts, necessary for the evaluation of the electromagnetic pollution in areas not accessible by the instrumentation, and/or for the detection of the explosives at a distance, in both cases with the smart cameras for the pre-processing on board, and the possibility to transmit information to the ground-controll station or to other drones in flight.

The project, founded by Regione Toscana, is aimed to design, the realization of prototypes and experimentation of the new technologies and innovative sensors, that can cope with the lack.

Concerning the new technologies, it aspires to development of:

  1. Communications between drones and/or ground control stations
  2. Algorithm for the pre-processing on board od optical and infrared sensors, photogrammetry in near real time, and photogrammetry in the dynamic field.
  3. Using of cloud computing to manage and store the information.

About the sensors, the project expects:

  1. Innovative GAS sensors, to be able to operate in contact and at a distance, Bacterical and heavy metals sensors.
  2. Sensors for security applications in dynamic environments, in order to transmit information to many stakeholders for real time decisions.
  3. Portable sensors for drones, for the monitoring of electromagnetic pollution and radio-station by aircraft in landing.